2020 Events
Events / 2020 Events

InterGlobix will be attending the following conferences and industry events in 2020. Click any of the logos below for further information on an event and email us at: meeting@interglobix.com to arrange a meeting.

InterGlobix has attended the following Conferences and industry events so far in 2020. Click on any of the logos below for further information.

    • Interrelationship between subsea and data centers 15 Oct 2020,Virtual
    • NVTC meeting & Fireside chat with Digital Realty’s CTO, Chris Sharp27 August 2020,Virtual
    • Cowen 6th Annual Communications Infrastructure Summit12 August 2020,Virtual
    • Henrico Internet Infrastructure Webinar30 July 2020,Virtual
    • Summit 1
    • IEIC Virtual | Internet Resiliecy2 June 2020,Virtual Q&A
    • Summit 2
    • IEIC Virtual | Digitizing Enterprises23 June 2020,Virtual
    • Summit 3
    • IEIC Virtual | Public Sector Preparedness23 July 2020,Virtual